Simply Sense.
ZOMA®, a unique Event-Driven Sense and Respond™ solution, simplifies the automation of real-time business activity and response. ZOMA's groundbreaking technology eliminates the requirement for significant processor and network upgrades usually associated with event-driven solutions. Agile in detecting and responding to real-time threats and opportunities, ZOMA is the only real-time Event-Driven "SENSE AND RESPOND" solution that is practical for commercial implementations.

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Who needs ZOMA:
Do you need to react to changing business conditions in your environment while there is time to make a difference?
Do you need a streamlined solution for:

• Lossless Compression
• Continuous Data Protection
(real-time backup)
• Business Alerts
• Reduced False Positives

Unique features of ZOMA:
Smart Cyber-Sensors
• Platform Independent
• Captures both Data and Its Context
• Legacy Application Support

Read what Gartner analyst Roy Schulte has to say about EDA (Event-Driven Architecture):
•Gartner Strategic Analysis Report: "Innovative Vendors in Business Event Management"(DF-22-2374), February 2004.

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