ZOMA's Smart Cyber-Sensors™

ZOMA’s Smart Cyber-Sensors essentially transform the business and IT environment into an integrated critical care unit.

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ZOMA's Smart Cyber-Sensors™
have the following unique capabilities:

• Detect changing business conditions in real-time while there is still time to make a difference.

• Wrap around and between any platform, operating system, and/or application without requiring changes to existing infrastructure.

• Detects changes or combination of changes at the most discrete level. Some examples include:

—Individual email or IM messages.
—Individual application transaction.
—Specific changes to a file.

Not only that a customer has changed in a database, but that is has changed from “active” to “inactive”.

The specific differences between a series of images.

The fact that someone unauthorized has selected or accessed a particular record.

—That a device (e.g.: printer, server, etc.) has gone down and that device is in use in a critical process

• Publish only the changes needed by defined scenarios.

ZOMA’s Smart Cyber-Sensors and event processing platform essentially transform the IT environment into an integrated critical care unit. Every aspect of “state” and change is monitored and when something relevant occurs—even if it is not supposed to—the appropriate response is immediately activated.

Simply SenseZOMA's Smart Cyber-Sensors

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