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Read what Gartner analyst Roy Schulte has to say about EDA (Event-Driven Architecture)

•Gartner Strategic Analysis Report: "Innovative Vendors in Business Event Management" (DF-22-2374) February 2004, by Roy W. Schulte.





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•Gartner Strategic Analysis Report:
"Who's Who in Middleware, 1Q2004" (R-22-2153) March 2004, by Lheureux, Schulte, Natis, McCoy, Gassman, Sinur, Thompson, Pezzini, Kenney, Friedman, Gilbert, and Phifer.

•Gartner Strategic Analysis Report:
"Hype Cycle for Application Integration and Platform Middleware, 2004" (G00120915) June 2004, by McCoy, Natis, Pezzini, Sinur, Schulte, Thompson, Lheureux, Kenney, Haight, Friedman, Gassman, Phifer, James, Blechar, Vecchio.

•Baseline Magazine, eWeek Magazine
"Primer: Event-Driven Architecture", by Kevin Fogarty, June 2004.

Rhysome’s product suite, ZOMA, is the only real-time “sense and respond” solution practical for commercial implementations. Rhysome’s products are entirely event-driven and are enabled through a native Event-Driven Architecture and patent-pending Smart Cyber-Sensor technology.

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