In the ZOMA® Product Architecture:

ZOMA shrinks the cost and complexity of implementing Event-Driven Sense and Respond solutions, including Continuous Data Protection. It significantly reduces typical resource requirements and virtually eliminates long up-front implementations.  

ZOMA does not require extensive modifications for integration.

ZOMA is virtually non-invasive to technology infrastructures and applications. ZOMA elegantly federates legacy applications enabling real-time capabilities.



ZOMA reacts in real-time to changes in business conditions while there is still time to make a difference.

ZOMA’s practical, pay-as-you-go, sense and respond solutions helps companies identify and react to dynamic business conditions as relevant changes occur.

ZOMA solutions are entirely event-driven and enabled through native event-driven architecture and patent-pending technology.  

The ZOMA product suite is comprised of zomaDataVault™ and zomaEventScape.


What makes ZOMA Solutions practical:

Proprietary Intellectual Property
Years of Research & Development has resulted in several patent-pending technology inventions that clearly place Rhysome as the leading provider of Event-Driven Sense and Respond solutions.

No Changes to Existing Business Processes
ZOMA does not require changes to existing business processes and allows for companies of any size to quickly and easily derive value.

Ease of Use
Architected from the ground up with the business user in mind, thereby allowing for ease of implementation and use.

Ease of Integration
Easily integrates with existing infrastructure and legacy applications used to run the business.

“Wrap Around” Application
ZOMA “wraps around” the enterprise’s existing infrastructure, therefore no changes are needed to work with legacy applications.

Tamper Detection
ZOMA provides tools to preserve the integrity of enterprise data by “watching” for suspicious behavior and proactively stopping intruders.| request more info| print this page| customer log-in| employment

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