Technology Advantages:

ZOMA®’s Technology Advantages:

ZOMA’s technical advantages make it the most practical Event-Driven Sense and Respond solution in several ways:

Efficiency and speed
• 10X reduction in storage
• 10X reduction in network traffic
• 10X faster event processing
• Smart Cyber-Sensors are configurable & only send information for which there is a subscriber
• Event engine optimized for tens of thousands of event transactions per second, making it highly scalable and able to efficiently process large volumes of sensor and streaming information

Simplicity & Agility
• Iterative event modification is 10X simpler
• Simple user interfaces designed for the standard business user
• Reusable Virtual Event building blocks
• Simplifies Complex Event Processing (CEP) making it suitable for business users

Ease of Implementation and Support
• 10X faster implementation to result
• 5X reduction in support

Virtual Events and True EDA
A Virtual Event is an event based on either a pattern or composite event. Many products that claim to be Event-Driven Sense and Respond solutions cannot handle Virtual Events (also called Chained Events). In a recent keynote address on Event-Driven Architectures (EDA), one of the most prominent thinkers in the country identified the ability to process Virtual Events as the key to successfully leveraging EDA, which ZOMA does today.

ZOMA®: Built to handle any amount of event volume in real-time.

To implement sensor networks effectively, a new paradigm for transaction design and handling needs to be implemented. ZOMA meets this challenge by providing a solution that:

• Receives and processes large volumes of sensor and streaming information

• Detects the delta data™ associated with an event—extracting only the information that was changed versus identifying all transactional information

• Stores large volumes of information efficiently

• Maintains indexes without adding transactional overhead— optimized for correlation of patterns in large sets of data
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• Consolidates, archives, and manages sensor data without human intervention

• Correlates patterns and initiates real-time responses to conditions monitored by Smart Cyber-Sensors (not just the current transaction)

• Implements a distributed architecture that efficiently scales to any level of transaction volume





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• Enables secure and tamper resistant transport between all components

• Resilient to denial of service attacks

• Utilizes efficient storage algorithms to reduce the amount of disk space required for collecting large amounts of data

• Interfaces to legacy systems and complements Service Oriented Architectures

• ZOMA's patent-pending revolutionary design easily handles the volume and complexity associated with Event-Driven sense and respond applications in the enterprise

• In addition, ZOMA's Smart Cyber-Sensors event enable both modern and legacy applications with little or no changes to the original systems
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