zomaDataVault is the SENSE component of ZOMA's Event-Driven Sense and Respond Product Suite

zomaDataVault provides the best solution for:

• Continuous Data Protection
• Televaulting
• Archiving
• Replication
• Content Addressable Storage
• Disk to Disk Backup

zomaDataVault's Smart Cyber-Sensors™ detect changes in enterprise state for all industry standard platforms, content and transactions.
zomaDataVault's 'state-repository' collects relevant event-state data and metadata.

zomaDataVault uses proprietary pattern coalescence technology losslessly storing information including rich media and delivers 3-10 times better results than traditional compression technology.

zomaDataVault's Smart Cyber-Sensors use a variety of technologies including network packet capture—to “sense” changes as they occur.

zomaDataVault provides the most practical solution available for real-time continuous data protection, archiving, tamper detection, auto-recovery, and televaulting.

key highlights:

detects real-time changes in state

captures event-state data & metadata

optional tamper proof repository

detects file and transaction tampering

content addressable

supports largest range of:
• platforms (windows, macintosh, linux, unix)

•content (files, database, network packets, im, files, applications)

•destinations (sans, nas, hfs, local ata storage)

zomaDataVault’s Advantages

• Detects and collects very small changes in both data and metadata from each information source in an enterprise, in real-time, using a native Event-Driven Architecture.

• Supports a wide range of information sources such as files, database transactions and schemas, logs (device, system application, and transactions), emails (both enterprise and web mail) instant messages (IM), SOAP messages, messages queues, HTTP, and Web content.

• Smart Cyber-Sensors run in the background with negligible or no impact on client or system performance, and no use of invasive database triggers.

• Dynamic filtering techniques remove non-relevant information at the source, significantly reducing implementation requirements and system overhead.

• The zomaDataVault repository provides content and time addressable storage containing data, metadata, and event state.

• When used with zomaEventScape, provides automated information forensics and integrated file and transaction tamper and access detection. Optionally, the last known authorized version of an object can be automatically restored.

• Combined with zomaEventScape, enables both event-based and policy-driven storage and archival management.

• The zomaDataVault repository can be accessed through standardized protocols such as CIFS, NFS, FTP, SCP, SOAP, and NDMP.

• The zomaDataVault repository provides hardware independent tamper proof storage and application independent content recovery.

• Real-time repository provides any-point-in-time recovery of individual objects, both discrete data or metadata (eg. the ability to restore individual emails, files, or database transactions).


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Applications Include:

• File and Email Continuous Data Protection

Centralized Log Monitoring

• IM and Database Transaction Monitoring

• Web Services Transactional Repository

• Content Independent Data Repository

ASP Televaulting Solution

• Real-Time Disaster Recovery Replication

Features Include:

• Disk-based comprehensive content addressable archive of data and metadata changes in the enterprise. The zomaDataVault archive is maintained in real-time with any-point-in-time recovery of files and transactions.

• Application independent content recovery and a virtual WORM drive feature makes ZOMA DataVault appropriate for decades length retention and regulatory requirements.

• Reduction in storage requirements provided through a pattern coalescence system.

• Continuous data protection reduces data loss and eliminates maintenance windows for backups.

• Highly scalable infrastructure designed for implementation in Application Service Providers (ASP) and large enterprises.

• All components are highly portable to virtually any modern platform, including Microsoft Windows, HP-UX, Macintosh, AIX, Solaris, and Linux.

• Security provides the best protection against tampering or unauthorized access to information.

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