zomaEventScape is the RESPONSE component of ZOMA's Event-Driven Sense and Respond product Suite

Recognized as one of the leading Event-Driven Sense and Respond solutions,
zomaEventScape provides a single platform for real-time response to events in
applications, systems, networks, and archives.

ZOMA's scalable architecture is designed to handle the tens of thousands of events per second required by Event-Driven Sense and Respond solutions.

zomaEventScape's architecture and user interface allows simple event actions to be combined and reused in order to create scenarios efficiently (like a formula in an Excel spreadsheet that is referenced throughout the spreadsheet).

zomaEventScape also allows configured scenarios to be re-used as part of a complex event—again—like spreadsheet results which can be shared and linked across multiple worksheets and workbooks.

zomaEventScape is a true CEP (Complex Event Processing) framework and easily correlates non-linear patterns in data, metadata or events and activates relevant responses.

key highlights:

• complex event processing engine

• intuitive configurable interface

• highly scalable architecture

• tamper detection activator

• any standard platform

• any information

• any correlation rules

zomaEventScape’s Advantages

• Initiate event correlation in real-time based on changes in application or system state—including discrete data changes without the use of database triggers or polling.

• Open architecture for custom defined Activator, Identifier, and Response objects.

• Identifies relevant conditions based on rules or non-linear pattern matching.

• Provides a layered security model with customized flexibility for both data and functional access.

• ZOMA provides open API's for third-party or customized additions and connects easily to proprietary tools such as dashboards, portals, and workflow tools.

• Events may be activated by constraints built on any combination of historical detected states with extracted data and metadata.

• Predefined Activator, Identifier, and Response actions and reusable action configurations for common scenarios.

• Ability to connect scenarios for full business process support.

• Provides real-time event correlation and response for simple or complex (CEP) events.

• Simple user interface designed for business users, not technologists

• Provides Response actions to correlated conditions or trends including notifications, transactions, application control and repository management.

• Identifies relevant patterns and rules through through current and historical enterprise states.

• Evaluates correlations through information enrichment, logical expressions, pattern matching and fuzzy logic.

• Reduces false positives through advanced correlation technology

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Applications Include:

• Real-time Smart Cyber-Sensor correlation and processing

• Tamper protection and recovery

• Transform legacy batch processes to real-time processes

• Total Quality Management (TQM) process optimization

• RFID event processing

• Medical sensor monitoring with trend correlation

• Network intrusion protection and remediation

• Transaction auditing and alerting Infrastructure monitoring

• Compliance monitoring and remediation

Features Include:

• Grid architecture supports virtually unlimited event or streaming information volume

• Highly optimized constraint and rules engine

• Unprecedented support for legacy system

• Simple user interfaces allows business users to easily build and manage events and scenarios

• Virtual Events allow for native event aggregation

• High speed event engine capable of processing tens of thousands of events per second per CPU

• Consolidators to significantly improve performance for high volume event handling

• Seamless Integration with the zomaDataVault Detect and Collect System.

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